What am I trying to tell humans, throughout my entire book series, since 1998?

‘Did We?’, from the 1st chapter, Michaels Lyric:


‘Day Dreaming’, from the 2nd chapter, 420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars:


‘I Are’, from the 3rd chapter, Flow Of Illuminati:

“(VERSE 1)
Louder and stronger, we kneel or crawl no longer.
We are the maker and beholder, we shape our fate.
The darkness we illuminate. With heaven stars we paint.
We’re not the faint, just subtle with the point of our power.
No need for wall or tower. We regulate and never hide.
With all our might, we never lose true balance out of sight.
The universal knowledge shines so bright, like rising of the phoenix.
It’s not a battle or a fight. It’s victory assured by winnings.

Move, move and break through.
Groove, groove and light up.
I’m all that is you,
And we can’t be stopped.

Choose, choose, and be as one.
Don’t lose light inside.
What’s here can’t be gone.
What’s now, that’s just right.

Through fantasy and fiction, we live by Cell addiction.
This evolution has its friction, corrupted power, as affliction.
Some see the contradiction. The ONE does not enforce or puts demands.
It only recommends the way of love and trustful peace.
We flow with ease, exist by freedom, love-based ethics,
not by diseased scare-tactics. As gods, we’re playfully naughty.
And yes, we love to party, and we’re inviting everybody.
We are enlightened body. I are illuminati.



‘Ghostwriter (Kinderspiel)’, from the 4th chapter, Soular Planes:


Link to my current book, Michaels Lyric (Soular Planes):
Michaels Lyric (Soular Planes) on Amazon


‘City In The Dust Of My Window’, from the next chapter of my next book:


So what is it that I am trying to say to humans, throughout my entire book series, since 1998? Well, this place that we call “planet Earth,” it is in a region of 3rd density (4th dimension) of this, particular “universe.” This, and other places like Earth, it is classified as Survival System.  Reincarnation is real.  And this… is the “bad” place…..

Still, have love and appreciation in your heart. Treat yourself and others with kindness. With a positive attitude, it makes no difference where you are. By making your decision out of love, you align with Creation; thus, you are always on the correct path!

“Despite famous tales, the king wears a plush, righteous garment.
Agreed in a summit, disarm them with scarcity, reward for obedience,
isolate the few screaming, no one will hear their experience.
Brilliance is hindrance, and ignorance is bliss in a world controlled by profiteers.”

What is the point of all this?

It’s not about money. My original plan was to give 100% of the profits to UCP of Sacramento, but the circumstances do not allow me to do that. So that is why I decided to make no money from the sales of my current book. I would give it away, for free, but at this time, I do not have such resources. At this price of approximately $6.00, only Amazon makes profit. Bless them, Amazon.com provide an incredibly valuable services. I could not have done without them and their partners, CreateSpace. I am here to create and share, that’s all I want… It’s about dreams, not profit. So please, visit MichaelsLyric.com and catch one of the most unique books to ever be created.


Oprah, Bono, and Pharrell might have a copy…

Now, it’s your turn! Michaels Lyric (Soular Planes) is to be released on October 1st!!!


One a sidenote, unfortunately, Barnes & Noble is not going to carry Michaels Lyric, since they did not work with CreateSpace. So as before, Soular Planes will be available through Amazon.

What is Hip Hop?

Is it about wearing gold and diamond jewelry? Is it about riding in German and Italian automobiles? Is it about penthouses and mansions? Sure, all of those things can be results of financial success, but is hip hop all about money? Young, independent hip hop artists discuss violence and violent acts in their lyrics. It is true, hip hop does have its beginnings in unsettling, even life threatening environments, but is it supposed to glorify violence? Hip Hop can be about love, but was it meant to promote physical and psychological abuse? Materialism? Socially accepted racism? Fitting in? Is this Hip Hop?

My next book, Michaels Lyric (Soular Planes) is what Hip Hop, music, humanity means to me. Music, Poetry, Hip Hop; those are my ways of being a human.  It is not just for entertainment…

I am a gimp abuser…

That’s right, I am not a graphic designer, I am a gimp user, GIMP 2.8, to be exact. For those who are not familiar, GIMP is a graphics design software and is a very good, free substitute for the industry’s standard, Photoshop. GIMP is a little rough around the edges, but with a technique, pretty much anything can be accomplished. And so, I am using GIMP to design the cover for my next book, Michaels Lyric (Soular Planes). Of course, designing graphics completely with voice commands, it adds another level of complexity. As good as the voice system is in Windows 10, still, the mouse functions are somewhat limited, compared to using hands. And so, just like with Photoshop, with GIMP, my favorite functions is the UNDO. And that is why I am a GIMP 2.8 abuser…lol…..

Nonetheless, once I am finished, the cover for the next book should be engaging yet familiar, unlike the previous book (Flow Of Illuminati), which had a dramatic, radical design. Stay with me, we are going where no man has ever wheeled before…


My black book has been retired…

I have just set in motion the deactivation of the ISBN for Michaels Lyric (Flow Of Illuminati), which means it is out of print.  I think there are three used copies on Amazon, so I will leave the link to it, for now.

Currently, I am still working on the cover for the next book in Michaels Lyric series, Soular Planes.  Just like last time, this will probably be a “quiet” release, no grand party or anything like that. Although, nothing is for certain.  if you know, we were able to get some pretty good publicity with Flow Of Illuminati. With the next book, we will attempt to get more publicity, more exposure for the first and only book series of its kind.  So, stay with me…  The next 20 years are world changing…..


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