City In The Dust Of My Window (Video) presents…..

Performed by Michael Kaiser-Nyman

Michaels Lyric®

City In The Dust Of My Window presents…..

City In The Dust Of My Window

I claim the moments that are bright and drop the darker ones with tears.
Through blurry flash, invisible my light and doesn’t cast a shadow of the worldly fears.
With contrast thrills and contract deals, this city dreams in nightmares and ordeals.
Light bunnies tremble on the windowsills, as sun peeks through the dusty windows.
On rusty hinges, this lifetime opens up to no condition love that I try to recall.
Somebody grab a chalk and write “I heart” on brick and mortar, urban wall
So when all rates and ratings plummet to their fall, I’ll know the true of human kind.
Unbind me from the shackles of the local, traffic grind, remind me that I’m still a spirit.
The local time does not rewind, because this mind is focused in it.
Am I still with it, or am I distancing myself from cellular survival?
This I, it marks another soul arrival, sometimes so lost amongst the concrete monoliths.
My melancholy covers streets, as mist of bittersweet forgiveness.
It’s often said, “just business,” but I’m not here to judge.  I’m only here to witness.
Survival systems, to keep myself from being predator, I gave myself this illness.
To some, my love may seem as weakness, but it’s because of it, they still exist.
It’s unconditional as all existence, unending love, it elevates me to persist.”

Michaels Lyric®

“Despite famous tales, the king wears a plush, righteous garment.
Agreed in a summit, disarm them with scarcity, reward for obedience,
isolate the few screaming, no one will hear their experience.
Brilliance is hindrance, and ignorance is bliss in a world controlled by profiteers.”

Artificial Racism

One might not be comfortable with customs of some race, like the food that they eat.  That’s ok.  One might not be comfortable with the region’s influence on the race, things like poverty and crime.  And it’s ok, too.  However, know this, none of this has anything to do with skin color.  All humans and everything in existence is one love.  Also, know that some groups cleverly manipulate races by exploiting their geographic and economic differences, using free market speculation and channels of mass media; thus, fueling racism as much as possible.

What is Hip Hop?

Is it about wearing gold and diamond jewelry? Is it about riding in German and Italian automobiles? Is it about penthouses and mansions? Sure, all of those things can be results of financial success, but is hip hop all about money? Young, independent hip hop artists discuss violence and violent acts in their lyrics. It is true, hip hop does have its beginnings in unsettling, even life threatening environments, but is it supposed to glorify violence? Hip Hop can be about love, but was it meant to promote physical and psychological abuse? Materialism? Socially accepted racism? Fitting in? Is this Hip Hop?

My next book, Michaels Lyric (Soular Planes) is what Hip Hop, music, humanity means to me. Music, Poetry, Hip Hop; those are my ways of being a human.  It is not just for entertainment…