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City In The Dust Of My Window


Hakuna Matata

Starscapes (All The Shinnies)

This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart

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City In The Dust Of My Window (Video)

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Performed by Michael Kaiser-Nyman

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What did think about All The Shinnies and the other 4 new pieces?  Talk about trippy )
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This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart

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This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart

Conclusions and opinions starting to lose their meanings.
Motivation for the local traffic, the cause and the effect are human beings.
But where are the beginnings?  We’re not just here all of a sudden.
If earth is human’s garden, then survival systems are the weeds.
As morning greets, do I know the reason for which I’m here?
The money?  The career?  All eventually will disappear and turn to dust
Do still in green we trust more that we do in our family and friends?
The News is showing kill and profit trends, till profit turns to trendy art.
We say that all is well, but it’s kind of lite that breaks your heart.
I’ll charge depleted credit card and pop a pill from local Pharma, to silence karma.
To take my mind off drama, I’ll buy a trinket made by my Asian buddies,
fill my tank with the oil from the Saudis, go home and watch L.A.’S self indulgent parties.
We’re not civilians if we have armies, not civilized if children fade away because of lack.
The sponsors scream that we are on right track, but all I see are roads that lead to blood and sorrow.
The path to golden age tomorrow, I don’t think you can build that kind of path from gold.
As long as there is interest on borrowed, there will be taking back by those with hearts so cold.”

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