Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the next installment of Michaels Lyric! Here is a recap of the 5 new pieces…

City In The Dust Of My Window


Hakuna Matata

Starscapes (All The Shinnies)

This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart

There is more coming up!

What did think about the last video performance, City In The Dust Of My Window?!

Stay tuned for more performances, and of course, more text from the next book, as I continue to write, live, right in front of you!

City In The Dust Of My Window (Video)

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Performed by Michael Kaiser-Nyman

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What did think about All The Shinnies and the other 4 new pieces?  Talk about trippy )
Well, there is much more coming, more verses and live readings from the 1st in the world, Michaels Lyric!


This is a momentous announcement from MichaelsLyric.com blog!  The next chapter of the book will be created right in front of you, live.  Yes, as soon as a new piece will be created, it will be posted here!!  You love Poetry, Spoken Word, Hip Hop?  This is as exciting as it gets…  Witness the making of world’s 1st and only book series of its kind……….

Why the am I bothering you?! VIDEO

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